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The Vineyard

Since the land was a walnut farm, first things first - get rid of those walnut trees (there are actually still a few left on the vineyard for good posture). Once that mission was accomplished, in 2007 we planted our first crop and here's what has happened since:









15 acres of dry-farmed, head-pruned vines of zinfandel, petite sirah and cabernet planted


First small harvest, a mere 5 years after we started... did I mention that vineyards require patience?


Planted 6 additional acres, adding tempranillo and grenache to the mix

Started a small label called TreSon in order to bring some of our wonderful product into Michigan

Jimmy Hall joined Steve in managing the vineyard


Jimmy took on the leadership role for the vineyard

As we better understood what grew best where, we began to adjust the mix by grafting over some of the original zinfandel vines to cabernet, petite and tempranillo

Certified organic!

That's me, Willie Newman, on the left with my extremely talented and knowledgeable first vineyard manager, Steve Crouch.

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