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Dunning Vineyards


One of our original partners and the winemaker for the 4hearts Private Stash! Bob and Jo-Ann Dunning buy zinfandel and petite sirah from us and will be making great wine out of our new Grenache.



Another original partner, LeCuvier. John Munch and Mary Fox buy cabernet and zinfandel from 4hearts. John likes to leave it in barrel for a LONG time, but it's always worth it!

Cayucos Cellars


Also one of our original partners. Stuart Selkirk buys a small amount of cabernet from 4hearts for his winery. Their tasting room is one of the few in the beautiful seaside town of Cayucos.

Saxum Vineyards


4hearts was excited to add this widely renowned winery (and close neighbor on Willow Creek Road) to our partner list in 2012. Saxum really needs no introduction - all you have to do is read any industry publication. Saxum is buying a small amount of petite sirah from 4hearts.

Opolo Vineyards


Opolo was added to our partner list in 2011. They are a larger winery with a wide range of wines. We're very excited about adding Opolo as their variety creates more potential uses for 4hearts grapes. We could be in several of their bottlings. Opolo currently buys zinfandel. 

Brecon Estate


In 2014, Brecon bought a small amount of zinfandel from us. This is a boutique estate winery with an award-winning winemaker. Their wines are "small batch" and only sold through their tasting room.

Paso Port


The 4th and final original buyer of our grapes. Although they produce primarily port and dessert wines for sale, Steve and Lola Glossner surprised us in 2011 with several cases of wine that Steve had made from 4hearts zinfandel grapes. They liked it so much, it became their "house" wine. We liked it so much that the cases they gave us are all but gone - dang it! Paso Port buys zinfandel and tempranillo from 4hearts. 

Venteux Vineyards


Venteux is a 22-acre vineyard close by in the Templeton Gap that began buying our zinfandel back in 2012. They purchase grapes throughout the Paso Robles AVA and will only buy from partners who share their high quality standards.

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