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Our Story

The story of 4hearts... where do I begin?  Perhaps with how the heck a guy from Ann Arbor, Michigan ends up owning a vineyard

in Paso Robles! Well, back in 2004 I had recently turned 40 and with that came thoughts of what I might do in retirement. I’ve always been a little hyper and so golf, surf and sand weren’t my kind of options. 

The Vineyard

Making 4hearts wines special begins with the planting and utilizing the "dry farming" technique. As Steve, our original vineyard manager, likes to say, starting 4hearts was the creation of “a new day in the old way.” Simply put, dry farming a vineyard is old school... it's farming without irrigation and you are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Our Partners

The objective was to find wine makers whose philosophies and processes align with the way we like to do business, and develop mutually beneficial partnerships. Fortunately, with Steve's reputation and experience, as well as the recognition of our prime location, we are working with many like-minded buyers, such as...

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