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2013 was a really good year throughout California, and especially in Paso Robles. And definitely at 4hearts! We were greatly aided by the winter rains which were above normal. For dry farming, it’s all about the moisture in the soil which builds up in the winter. With the new section coming on and the original blocks developing steadily, Steve was able to bring it home at close to 41 tons – 23 of zin; 6.7 of cab; 8.3 of petite; and 2.6 of grenache. The tempranillo is proving to be a bit of a bugger – there was some harvested for Steve Glossner at Paso Port/Per Cazo, but not enough to fill up a bin (1/2 ton).  We really think this is going to be a great vintage. 


Speaking of great, we’ll have to check with Bob on the stash – it may be going back to zin which, by the way, is fine with us.  





The drought, the drought, the drought.  We were hoping for a repeat of winter 2013 – but it did not happen. Rainfall was much less than average. Steve took preventative measures to ensure the plants would remain healthy and balanced. After all, we’re in this for the long run. One measure, however, always makes the owner cry – severe green harvesting. This means picking developing clusters and throwing them away. Yep, away. But that’s sometimes what it takes to keep the quality high and the plants thriving.


The good news is that the harvest ended up being better than expected.  The 36 tons consisted of: 17 zinfandel; 7 cabernet; 8.3 petite; 4.5 grenache; and (finally!) 1 little ton of tempranillo. The stash will consist of zinfandel and whatever magic Bob Dunning brings to the table. And, most importantly, the quality was very, very high in a highly variable year. Thanks Steve!



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